Miss Vietnam Heritage Global
To honor and promote the beauty, wisdom, talent of Vietnamese women to the world, leading to a better understanding of the people and country of Vietnam, FLC Group has held the "Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" beauty contest. "Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" distinguishes itself from other beauty pageants by selecting young Vietnamese women learning, working and living in Vietnam and worldwide, who possess treasured virtues: beauty, wisdom, talent and compassion, especially the dynamic, active integration. "Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" is the initiative and copyrighted by FLC Group. In addition to sponsoring the venues and most of the funding, FLC Group will oversee the entire contest, which conducted by Nam Huong Media & Event Company. In addition to Prequalification rounds in Northern and Southern regions of Vietnam, "Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" will undergo preliminary rounds held in many countries around the world, especially Australia, Germany and the United States - home to a large number of Vietnamese expatriates. Expected proportion of candidates in prequalification rounds divided by regions is 50% international and 50% domestic, which may change in accordance with contestant qualification. After preliminary round held in FLC Vinh Phuc Resort (over 250-hectare high end resort complex), FLC Samson Beach and Goft Resort (over 200ha 5-star resort complex of international standards) , FLC Luxury Resort Quy Nhon (over 250-hectare high end resort complex in one of the most beautiful locations to watch sunset voted by UK newspaper), there will be 30 - 40 contestants to enter the final round in July 24, 2016 at FLC Samson Beach and Golf Resort (Thanh Hoa province). The finale is scheduled to be held on July 24, 2016 and broadcast live on Channel VTV6 Vietnam Television. Prizes and titles •MISS VIETNAM GLOBAL HERITAGE 2016: 1 billion VND worth of prize (including 500.000.000 VND in cash + Crown + 01 European tour for two + Exclusively signed as brand ambassador for FLC Group in 2 years); representing Vietnam in global beauty contest. •First runner-up: Medal of Distinction + 200.000.000 VND in cash + 01 European tour for two. •Second runner-up: Medal of Distinction + 100.000.000 VND in cash + 01 European tour for two. In addition, outstanding candidates are awarded with the title of Miss Talent/ Miss Bikini/ Miss Charming/ Miss Congeniality/ Miss Photogenic/ Miss Charity. Exclusively, Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016 title-holder will have the opportunity to become the representative for Vietnam to compete at the Miss Globe International beauty contest in China in November 2017. Gathering Vietnamese beauties around the world, "Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" promises to be a fascinating contest full of surprises for the audience. The contest is expected to be held periodically every 2 year. ABOUT THE ORGANIZER FLC Group: Founded in 2010, FLC Group specializes in finance, real estate and commerce. As of 2016, the Group has developed strongly with a large number of apartment buildings, luxury villas, commercial centers and 5-star resort complexes of international standard spreading all over the country. In 2015, FLC Group ranked as one of three leading companies in the real estate sector in Vietnam. Nam Huong Media & Event: Founded in 2002, the corporation specializes in advertising services, publications and events. After more than 10-year presence in the market, Nam Huong Media & Event has consolidated its leading role in the industry. Besides well-known publications such as Business Style, Shopping Guide, Lady Luxury, annual events such as "Top 100 Business Style", "The power of women "... have also become familiar with domestic and international corporations. This enables Nam Huong to become a bridge to connect enterprises and customers. APPLICATION CONTACT: 1.Submissions to Organizers: Ho Chi Minh: 49 Dinh Cong Trang Street, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC Ha Noi: 5 floors, FLC Landmark Tower, Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem Dist, Ha Noi Note: Envelope shall be stamped and written "Application to Miss Vietnam Heritage Global 2016" in the Subject. 2.Or submiss to via website: 3.Or submiss to via email: Hotline: 093 999 9595 / 091 183 1111
Hoang Thuy Linh
Hoàng Thùy Linh (born August 11, 1988) is a Vietnamese actress and singer. She is well known for her controversial sex tape, for which she has been compared to Paris Hilton. As a former student of Hanoi’s College of Art, she was trained to be an actress. Thùy Linh had also joined girlband Thien Than (Angels). During her teenage years, Thùy Linh was a presenter for HanoiTV's gameshow for kids "Vui Cùng Hugo". She was famous as a teenager, winning Hoa Học Trò's ICON contest in 2006, and by participating in many TV commercials and adverts as well as being on magazine covers for teenagers. Thùy Linh's first appearance as an actress was the role in Đường đời (Path of life) drama as a little girl named Thùy (2004, 25 episodes, Golden Award – Vietnam Drama Festival 2005). After that success, she was cast in two other dramas Trò đùa của số phận (Laugh of destiny) (2005, 18 episodes) filmed by Director Huy Thuần, and her Lan role in Đi về phía mặt trời (Journey to the Sun)(2006, 29 episodes) of Director Lưu Trọng Ninh. In September 2007, a video of Thùy Linh having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend (known as Viet "dart") was leaked online. The video first hit YouTube and was quickly removed, but then it found its way onto the Vietnamese forums. The video spread widely throughout the nation and was the biggest scandal ever in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. The scandal caused an outcry domestically and internationally with the outstanding involvement of the media from the UK and the US. The incident was also mentioned by Perez Hilton on his blog. The affair generated public debates in many ways, the teenage youth called for a sympathetic tolerance to Thùy Linh while adults, as parents in particular, heavily criticized and even informally demanded from her an official apology for indirectly putting the end to an education oriented TV program of Vietnam’s youth. On September 14, 2007, producers of "Vàng Anh’s Diary" announced the cancellation of the show with the last episode was a pre-recorded talkshow with Thùy Linh where she publicly apologized for the video. VTV later was heavily criticized for this show. After the scandal, Thùy Linh went low-profile for a year and then returned to the scene in 2010 with the self-titled debut album "Hoàng Thùy Linh - Vol.1". Though it received very little promotion, the album still managed to gain much success with many critics who praised her singing ability and the album's quality. In May 2011, Thùy Linh released her sophomore album entitled "Đừng Vội Vàng" (No Hurry). Similar to her debut album, many critics praised her singing ability and the album's production. Both albums have the Pop, Dance-Pop style. In 2006, Thùy Linh started studying at the Department of TV director – Vietnam Acting and Film College and graduated in 2009. In 2007 Thùy Linh was cast for a leading role in the second season of an interactive television program - "Vàng Anh’s Diary" originally known as Nhật ký Vàng Anh – a well received sitcom due to its educational inspirations to Vietnamese youth.  
Dong Nhi
Mai Hồng Ngọc, better known by her stage name Đông Nhi (born 13 October 1988, in Hanoi), is a Vietnamese female singer. She studied at the Marie Curie High School, Ho Chi Minh City. 1988–2007: Early life and career Đông Nhi was born at Ha Noi but her family moved to Ho Chi Minh City when she was 2 years old. At her young age, Đông Nhi was already developing and showing her music ability, which later helped her to win many awards at high school. Although Đông Nhi successfully became a student of Ho Chi Minh National University, because of her gift she decided to quit to become a professional singer. Đông Nhi failed at many singing contests like Vietnam Idol, before officially being signed to be a singer for a recording company. She was dropped after a few months. 2008–2011: First singles and success In 2008, Đông Nhi independently released her first single, "Khóc" (Cry). The song became a minor hit which helped her to become known and later get signed to Tinu Production Company. She began making teen-pop songs and achieved much success. Some noticeable songs from Nhi at this time include "Khóc", "Bối Rối", "Bí Mật Của Hạnh Phúc", "Lời Thú Tội Ngọt Ngào",... She also starred in a few movies and films like Giải cứu thần chết, Thứ ba học trò, Công chúa teen và ngũ hổ tướng. Nhi announced her hiatus from music in 2009. She eventually returned with her official debut album, The First Step, which won a prize on HTV Favorite Albums. The album also reached the top 10 on Zing Music Awards. The same year, Đông Nhi song "Từng Thuộc Về Nhau" became a big hit and received positive reviews from the social media. In September 2011, Đông Nhi released the EP The Singer, collaborated with many popular musician of Vietnam. She then won Zing Music Awards' prize for the Best Female Singer, and the EP The Singer made it to the top 10 Album of the Year. 2012–2013: Getting more public recognition In 2012, Đông Nhi debuted her MV Sau Mỗi Giấc Mơ, which featured 80% of scenes underwater. The song and music video topped many music charts of Vietnam and gained her another award for "Favorited Female Singer" of the Zing Music Awards. In 2013, her music video Tìm Về was the first in Vietnam that featured 3D scenes and technology. 2014–2015: I Wanna Dance and The Remix[ In 2014, Đông Nhi released her second album I Wanna Dance, featuring pop-electronic songs like I Wanna Dance, Bad Boy. The album's lead single, I Wanna Dance, topped many music charts in Vietnam as well as China, Spain... and won "Favorite Pop- Electronic Song" of Zing Music Awards 2014. Đông Nhi also won the Favorite Female Singer award for the 4th time. In early 2015, she competed in the first season of The Remix, a contest between popular singers which focused on renewing and remixing songs. Đông Nhi eventually won the competition after weeks leading the votes. Đông Nhi was praised for her consistent performances throughout the show. On December 2, 2015, Đông Nhi became the youngest Vietmanese singer to win an award of Mnet Asian Music Awards. 2016–present: The Voice Kids, first liveshow and The Voice of Vietnam On April 8, 2016, Đông Nhi confirmed to team up with her boyfriend Ông Cao Thắng to became a duo-coaches in the fourth season of The Voice Kids of Vietnam.  Đông Nhi and Ông Cao Thắng's final team member Trịnh Nhật Minh won the show, making her the winning mentor. In January 3, 2017 Đông Nhi confirmed to join The Voice of Vietnam as a solo coach for its 4th season, alongside Thu Minh, Tóc Tiên and The Voice Kids fellow coach Noo Phước Thịnh. On October 2, 2016 Đông Nhi had her first liveshow in 8 years, called It's Showtime - Dệt Giấc Mơ Bay. On November 6, 2016, she became the Best Asian Artist of MTV EMA 2016.
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