About In a world of VINASHOWBIZ is where dream and fame begins. Definition Vina n. (vina) Vietnam, Vietnamese people. Showbiz n. (sho'biz') Show Business, entertainment industry. Mission Vinashowbiz is global social networking medium for Vietnamese. Our aim is to provide you and the Vietnamese around the globe with an open and friendly platform where you can socialize, discover, share information and have fun. The site is packed with tons of fun and useful features, so go ahead and make the most out of it. At our community, you can find old and new friends, share photos, videos, music, post blogs and discussions, create groups, and much more... Vinashowbiz is not something to be seen; it is something to be experienced. Be part of something exciting global entertainment! Biography 1988 – SteelHeart BBS established on October 14, 1988 using a phone line with 14.4k baud modem to dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS). SteelHeart BSS is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log into SteelHeart using a terminal program. Computer User Magazine listed SteelHeart most active Bulletin Board System (BBS). 1990 – The Internet developed into prodigy technology so Ricky moved to the Internet and created websites called OneViet.us, OnSetAsia.com, AsianXO, and HeadWeb.com. 2004 – Oneviet merged with Vietshowbiz. 2006 – Transformed into Vinashowbiz Entertainment also known as Vinamaxshowbiz and VinaXO. Summary As CEO and Founder of Vinashowbiz Entertainment, I overlook and make decisions that best benefit our rapidly growing VNSB viewing community, which will, in the long run, move us, closer to my vision of being one of the best content providers in the Asian Market today. Ricky Head CEO & Founder