Huong Tram is happier and loves life after going to the United States to study

The singer join up with Ho Le Thu, Han Thai Tu, Trung Quang, Quynh Trang, and Thu Hien to perform in the “Independance Party” concert at Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA (USA).

Hương Tràm sang “Thầm Gọi Tên Anh” LIVE in Seattle (Muckleshoot Casino)

Rain Girl – Huong Tram Performing LIVE in Seattle (Vinashowbiz)
At the end of May 5/2019, Huong Tram officially stopped singing in Vietnam to go to the United States to study abroad, fulfilling the dream from a young age. Sharing about life when going abroad, Huong Tram said she would still receive a show to sing in the US if invited, to cover expensive living expenses in the West as well as tuition fees. Besides, the singer performed a live singing project to sing passionately and spread happiness to those who need it.

“In the US, Tram still keeps bringing its voice to the audience. Being in music, with Melaleuca, is always the happiest thing” – the “Duyên mình lỡ” voice on personal page. Huong Tram’s heart experience has received a lot of wishes and encouragement from fans all over the country.

In parallel with schooling, Huong Tram performed in the “Independance Party” concert on July 3rd at Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA.