"Cô bé dân ca" Thu Hien was adopted by singer Phi Nhung

Emerging from The Voice Kids 2014 with a sweet, rustic nature, until “step up” with foster mother Phi Nhung, appearing on the big stages, the name Pham Tuyet Nhung has just been remembered by many audiences.

Thu Hien aka Pham Tuyet Nhung performs in Seattle (Muckleshoot Casino)
Phạm Tuyết Nhung is one of the oldest child singers discovered and adopted by Phi Nhung. Her real name is Thu Hien, who participated in The Voice Kids 2014 when she was 13 years old. Musician Ho Hoai Anh said Tuyet Nhung has an emotional, soft and deep singing voice but the unopened range is more confident in the high notes.

Difficult family, Tuyet Nhung’s biological father used to earn a living by playing guitar at funeral halls and weddings. After her father’s death, Tuyet Nhung’s mother had to make a living by selling lottery tickets. Ironically, because of the difficult situation, Tuyet Nhung just finished the 3rd grade. The ideas of this young singer will be self-deprecating and inferior to peers, but she takes it as a motivation to strive and try. Try constantly. And then, the “miracle” also came to Tuyet Nhung – the small girl who possessed the emotional voice, touching the listener’s heart.
After being adopted by Phi Nhung, she was invested more and trained in vocals. Tuyet Nhung’s online videos received much attention. Nhung’s life turned into a new chapter because she had the opportunity to go to school and interact with music programs.

I still go with mother’s Phi Nhung to sing in the provinces. I hope I can bring a lot of joy to people all over the country. – Thu Hien