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Tuan Hung shows a series of pictures of his in the US and funny joke that the wedding is the second time.

Recently, Tuan Hung has shared on his personal page a series of pictures as well as the language spoken in America. Couples are comfortable recording the sweet moments as couples before the wedding.

In the middle of a romantic scene with golden leaves falling, the voice of his hands grasp gently kissed the wife of her husband or gentle touch on the lips soft hands. Under this sharing, thousands of netizens left comments congratulating and supporting the couple again.

Tuấn Hưng và Hương Baby hôn nhau cực tình cảm trong bộ ảnh cưới lần 2 - Ảnh: FBNV

Sau nhiều chuyện xui xẻo xảy ra cùng lúc, Tuấn Hưng và bà xã đi du lịch để xả stress - Ảnh: FBNV

It can be said, although have lived together for many years but Tuan Hung and Huong Baby still love the rare show in the showbiz. It is known that Tuan Hung has combined overseas travel to bring her family along. After many things happened over time, the couple decided to rest for a while to regain balance.

A few weeks ago, Tuan Hung dabbed in the face of a series of waves. Risks at the same time as the cancellation of the 20th anniversary show or the trillion-dollar car accident have left the singer exhausted financially and mentally. In the affliction, Huong Baby always face the husband encourages many people to respect.

"Thinking, this life in the risk of luck, in the picture there is happiness, when everything goes away, love the meaning is worth the most cherished, but also the money, all the money. It is difficult and we will get together and hold hands together, I will always be with you in the stormy days and ready to wet with you at any time ", Huong Baby talk.

Nhiều fan cầu chúc vợ chồng Tuấn Hưng sẽ mãi hạnh phúc đến cuối con đường - Ảnh: FBNV

Nhiều bạn bè và khán giả chúc mừng vợ chồng Tuấn Hưng khi xem loạt ảnh cưới lần 2 - Ảnh: FBNV

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