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The Revenant is an Oscar nominated movie which features the Hollywood superstars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. In the expedition of unexplored parts of American wilderness, the legendary explorer Hugh Glass was brutally attacked by a bear, and the members of his team left him to die. His strong will, as the only weapon makes him fight for his life surrounded by the cruel winter and unfriendly tribes.
The Revenant brings a story about the fur hunter - Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, left in the wild to die after a bear attack. However, Glass survives and even badly injured, but led by the desire for revenge, he returns back to the woods to catch John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) who is responsible for the killing of his son.
It is interesting that while filming The Revenant, Di Caprio was literally freezing and seriously exposed to hypothermia and all of that was for making the movie more realistic. This movie is so real that you will find it even uncomfortable while watching it. Being greatly paid for it, he did not only have to suffer the cold, but also need to perform on top level and be convincible.
DiCaprio mark in this movie is huge, but there is another star that shined - Tom Hardy, who showed once more how good actor he is. You will hate his character, but do not let that determine your judgment. Hardy is exceptional in this movie with his specialties already demonstrated in Batman and Mad Max. Unlike DiCaprio, he has far more dialogs and a whole role based on murmuring.
From the very first scene, the director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is showing us brutality, which is not for those who do not have the stomach for it. That especially refers to the bear attack scene. IT is no wonder why this scene is the most talked about scene this year. All the bears strength is so real and with DiCaprio’s howls looks like the harshest scene I ever watched.
There is a lot of blood, mostly in the final scene, where you can see it spraying some of it on the camera too. The actors were really freezing on the shooting, they had to jump in ice-cold water and get naked on the snow. None of these scenes are shoot in studio. They are taken in Argentina.
Talking about the shooting, here comes the first con that might not be con for you too. The camera during the movie is always moving and this can cause you headache and make you feel like in a game. Personally, I find it distracting. The other con goes to the duration of the movie. It is a two and a half hour movie. There are boring parts, but it is interesting that even the boring parts make you watch it.
At the end of the day the Revenant is a great movie about revenge and how powerful human will can be. It is movie where the nature’s brutality is shown. The acting crew is perfect – DiCaprio is incredible in with his grimaces and moves, his Oscar nomination is deserved. Hardy once more proves that he is one of the most wanted actors in Hollywood. The movie exceptionally good and impressive, maybe a bit too long, but definitely not boring.
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