by on January 25, 2017
We hate to sound facetious, but - we told you so! As part of our job bringing you the best in entertainment, nightlife, art, culture, food and drink, we’ve known for years what no less than the World Economic Forum have just confirmed; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have both made the top ten in their list of the world’s ‘most dynamic cities’. Based broadly on a city’s capacity to embrace rapid change, or what they call a ‘Momentum Index’, Ho Chi Minh City has taken out the number two spot, with Hanoi not far behind at number seven.
Incorporating 42 variables across three major categories; Short Term Momentum (Economic output, retail sales, population etc.) Real Estate (Construction, Offices, Hotels etc.) and Long Term Fundamentals (Higher Education, Innovation, Technology etc.) it’s definitely a big pat on the back for everyone making a contribution to the growth and development of Vietnam!
We won’t bore you with any more details, but by all means take a look at the full results here . More than half of the top 30 came from the Asia-Pacific region, India’s tech hub of Bangalore took out top spot while consistent performers London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley were also present again. Kudos! The Year of the Rooster is looking good already.
Words by jonaspin
Graphic by Thanh Duong
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