Ricky Head
by on January 22, 2017
On his personal Facebook page a few hours ago, Hoang Kieu billionaire published a notice in English on the end of a brief affair with Ngoc Trinh.
2 months ago model born in 1989 and a 73 year old billionaires have romance relationship suddenly come to an end. Many people surprised that he had mentioned of the future wedding with the "queen of lingerie".
Hoang Kieu wrote: "The whirlwind romance between me and Ngoc Trinh has ended. I have professed my love for her with the intent to have a long term commitment and to be with me for the rest of my life. Ngoc Trinh on the other hand only intended to have a short-term and periodic affair as she has announced on her Instagram therefore she no longer deserves my love and my attention."
Assets of billionaire Hoang Kieu increased $ 300 million after only 6 weeks with the love of Ngoc Trinh
After the official Ngoc Trinh love with Hoang Kieu, his assets increased by $300 million immediately. 2 months later the break up his assets decreased $300 million. Trinh love has brought positive effects on the business media for 72-year-old billionaire. In addition, Hoang Kieu's Facebook page was only about 2,000 likes but when he’s in a relationship with Ngoc Trinh his page rises to more than 52 thousand likes.
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