Vinashowbiz visit HCM city for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the music awards


The 20th anniversary of the music awards is due to the lack of many famous artists and audiences.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the music awards took place on January 12 at the Military Stadium Zone 7, Ho Chi Minh City. The event was designed to look back on the long, radio-revered music charts of the past two decades. The stage is invested scale with the width of nearly 30 m, big sound systems, and big LED screens.

At around 20:00h, when the program is about to start, only about 4,000 viewers are present compared to the tens of thousands of seats of the show. The audience was mainly in the main stage and spotted the wings. Tickets priced at 299,000, the highest is 799,000, and each ticket is awarded a commemorative. Not far from the ticket counter, many black marketers offer 50,000 dong each.

On the red carpet, the artists who attended were mainly performers such as My Linh, Quang Dung, Nguyen Vu, Kasim Hoang Vu, and Ung Hoang Phuc … Previously, the organizers said the show was empty. Many famous faces such as My Tam, Dam Vinh Hung, Dan Truong, Lam Truong, Cam Ly … This makes many fans are disappointed in expectations of the stature, scale of a celebration program, and 20 years of famous music charts.

Lacking many celebrity names, the announcement and awarding of the 2017 Green Wave is fast-tracked as most singers do not come. The list of winners is announced on a premiere video. In the top 5 singers in the Golden Table category, only Le Quyen attending and receiving prizes. Young singers such as Noo Phuoc Thinh, Huong Tram, Son Tung and Toc Tien do not appear. Near the end of the program, only some artists went to the stage to receive the organizers’ souvenirs such as Nguyen Vu, Luong Bang Quang, Thu Thuy and Hoa Minzy.

At the beginning of the program, names such as Thanh Lam, My Linh, and Quang Dung … stepped out to duet with the teen group P336. The difference between the original vocals and the new group made the repertoire a major hit. The performances of Quang Dung (My story), Thanh Lam (Divided by the sunset), Hong Nhung (Give me a day), My Linh (The old) … are expected to reappear at the peak of the table Green Wave ratings. However, the appearance of the names on just enough rounded, have not created resonance.

Video: Hong Nhung sang “Give me a day”

Emotions, reminiscences of the celebrities are only general, not reminiscent of memories for a program that has lasted for 20 years. Due to not gathering many singers, the program lacked the duet items, the group has exchanged to remind the atmosphere of Vietnamese music decades ago. Previously in the music festival of the 2004 Green Wave, a series of singers Dam Vinh Hung, Lam Truong, My Tam, Thanh Thao … dressed in long, scarves, and performances Li horse umbrella with fun atmosphere, exciting, creating beautiful memories in the hearts of fans.

More than 22:00h, many people left the program despite the continuation of the repertoire of Ung Hoang Phuc, Minh Hang, Trung Quan Idol … Some viewers said they came here to find the memory of a time table Music ratings peaked but were downplayed. “I expected a blast duet between Thanh Lam – Hong Nhung, or repertoire of the most popular hits of the Blue Wave, but the performers were blurry, not attractive,” he said. Audience Nguyen Truong (Tan Binh District, HCMC) shared.

Video: Kasim Hoang Vu

Video: 1088 (nhóm nhạc)

After 20 years, the Green Wave Award is no longer as attractive as the first period in the context of Vietnamese music market is saturated titles and awards. Singer My Linh shared on the show, in the 1990s, the Green Wave chart had a big impact on making audiences – then only foreign and foreign musicians – start to listen to Vietnamese music. Having a period, people listening to music, sleeping with radio hits on the radio, the hit song hit the top has been a huge success. For many years now, this award has not kept its leading position in the music market. During the night, a longtime journalist with the Green Wave was regretful when the audience was small. “At one point, people were jostling, trying to get a ticket to watch the Green Wave, many nights there was no space left,” he said.

Chia sẻ với báo chí về lý do thiếu vắng nhiều tên tuổi nghệ sĩ lớn, nhà báo Công Vinh – phó ban tổ chức chương trình – cho biết ban tổ chức gặp khó khăn do điều kiện tài chính lẫn thời điểm tổ chức dịp đầu năm. “Việc mời được khoảng một nửa nghệ sĩ từng gắn bó với Làn Sóng Xanh về tề tựu với êkíp đã là nỗ lực lớn và thành công”, ông chia sẻ.

Làn Sóng Xanh là một trong những giải thưởng nhạc Việt thường niên và lâu đời. Giải được bắt đầu từ năm 1997, với cơ quan chủ quản là kênh FM 99.9MHz của Đài Tiếng nói Nhân dân Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Làn Sóng Xanh phát sóng top 10 các ca khúc Việt Nam được yêu thích nhất hàng tuần, cuối năm có các đêm công diễn và trao giải hoành tráng, quy tụ các ca sĩ nổi tiếng.

Bốn thế hệ ca sĩ nổi bật qua thời kỳ Làn Sóng Xanh gồm: thế hệ đầu là Cẩm Vân, Quang Linh, Thanh Lam, Thu Phương, Bằng Kiều, Mỹ Linh, Hồng Nhung, Quang Dũng, Lam Trường, Đan Trường, Phương Thanh, Cẩm Ly… Sau đó là Đàm Vĩnh Hưng, Mỹ Tâm, Tuấn Hưng, Thanh Thảo, Hồng Ngọc, Nguyên Vũ… Kế tiếp là Hồ Quỳnh Hương, Thu Minh, Hồ Ngọc Hà, Hà Anh Tuấn, Đoan Trang, Lệ Quyên… Thế hệ thứ tư là Noo Phước Thịnh, Đông Nhi, Tóc Tiên, Isaac, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Trúc Nhân…

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