The truth about Phi Nhung biological child neglect for 20 years


Phi Nhung’s daughter is living and studying in the US, previously, the singer did not openly disclose this blood relationship.

Many viewers will immediately remember the image of a charismatic female singer. She adopted many disadvantaged children everywhere and regularly volunteered for the community.

There are many adopted children, but in the past, Phi Nhung has never been about having a daughter. It was not until April, 2017, that she unexpectedly showed her daughter at the graduation ceremony. This made a lot of people surprised and shocked.

 Phi Nhung and her daughter
Phi Nhung and her daughter

But since then a lot of rumors revolve around the relationship of Phi Nhung and her daughter appeared. There are rumors that Phi Nhung has “hidden” her because she does not care about her children, even abandoned her children for many years.

Phi Nhung and children have fun before flying to Australia

Standing before this rumor, recently, Phi Nhung was frankly disclosed. According to Phi Nhung, she has never publicized her daughter’s respect for her privacy.

Prior to doing anything related to the child, she discussed and consulted her child. Even opening up your phone without permission is something the singer never does.

As for the rumor she abandoned her biological child over the years, Phi Nhung immediately denied. She replied: “Outsiders do not care, why their children are not interested?”, According to Zing.

Wendy on graduation day
Wendy on graduation day

It is known that the daughter of Phi Nhung, named Wendy Pham, is living and studying in the United States. She has just graduated from the Faculty of Nursing. Next year, Wendy will officially become a medical masters.

In the past, Phi Nhung’s daughter participated in the music video for “Áo xanh” by the singer, but at that time no one recognized her as the daughter of Phi Nhung.

“My mother made a relationship that made my heart vibrate,” Wendy confesses her mother’s publicity to her.