The reason for MAMA 2017 to open in Vietnam


Beginning in 1999, the Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) has become one of the most prestigious music awards in Korea. Marking its 9th year, MAMA this year proves its ambition to reach out to the world when it decides to innovate in both quality and scale.

For the first time in history, MAMA Music Awards were held simultaneously in three locations including Vietnam on 11/25/2017.

This information almost covered the pages of newspapers, social networking, fan community fluttering and no questions asked ‘Why is Vietnam, why the organizers MAMA choose Vietnam Nam is the venue, even the opening night of MAMA 2017?’

In recent years, the Vietnamese entertainment market has emerged as a potential market of Southeast Asia with a growing number of art fans. A wide range of quality music products, both in terms of form and content, has emerged not only in the domestic market, but also in neighboring regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines.

In addition, Vietnam is a country with a young population of over 70% under the age of 30, which makes the introduction of entertainment from other countries nearly open. This makes Vietnam an ideal connection point for music in the region to meet and cross.

In particular, the Hallyu wave has grown stronger and never showed signs of stopping HOT in the field of film and music. The Kpop community in Vietnam is becoming more crowded and the desire to interact with Korean culture is getting stronger.

Besides, to Vietnam on the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea, MAMA Premiere 2017 in Vietnam not only as a spiritual food is sent to fans but also to develop and promote the cultural exchanges, music between the two countries.

With these convincing reasons, MAMA 2017 ‘s landing in Vietnam and becoming an opening show for the whole week of MAMA is a must!

In addition, CJ E & M has officially confirmed, alongside two celebrity names: Wanna One and Seventeen, young singer Kim Samuel will also be present at the 2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam.

The Kpop Boys Band and the staggering array of artists from all over Asia, along with world-class stage performances, 2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam is one of the most awaited music events the last months of the year.