The 23-year-old singer from Ho Chi Minh City with stage name Orange making her Seattle debut at Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom

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VINASHOWBIZ – The first time Singer Orange embraced a show in Seattle, Washington, the singer kept the fans on the show with Song Luan, Lam Truong, and Hong Ngoc. The show took place at Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom on Sunday March 17, 2019.

singer Orange sang “Diamonds” at Snoqualmie Casino

Not many people know that Orange is one of the contestants who left many impressions in Ho Ngoc Ha team at the “Nhân tố bí ẩn – Xfactor 2014” and most recently the champion of the “Người hoá thân số 1” under her real name is Khuong Hoan My.

The audience knew her as Khuong Hoan My. However, she took the new stage name Orange because this is not just a lucky color or a fruit that she like, but she want to introduce a new person to the audience. It doesn’t matter if the people remember her as Khuong Hoan My or not, just knowing that a lot of people like Orange. And as expected, this is the name that gave her little success at the beginning of her career.

On January 6, 2018, the Superbrothers duo released the song “Người lạ ơi!” with lead vocalist Orange and rapper Karik. The song quickly became a phenomenon, reaching a record of 50 million views in 13 days, 100 million views in 38 days; stand at the top of YouTube trending for 15 days.

Người Lạ Ơi ! Official MV | Superbrothers x Karik x Orange

Orange is currently loved and admired by many young audiences. However, the singer said her image on the stage and in Music Video is quite far from the image of the real world.

Besides, Orange also said that to be as successful as today, she has been through difficult days, having to sing in small tea rooms to cover her life and at times she thinks she will be off singing.

“Three or four years ago when I was still on the road of singing, I thought about it for a while. I should quit singing. I don’t have a new music product, the name Khương Hoàn Mỹ is not accepted by the public and I think I should get another stable job so my parents don’t have to worry about me,” Orange said.

“But the moment I was most disappointed, luck came when I met musician Châu Đăng Khoa. It was he who opened me new doors and brought me to success like today.”

This success opens the way to a new mark for Orange. From an indistinct girl, currently a singer is expected by many musicians to collaborate because she possesses an inexplicable voice and her own musical media magnet.

– Ricky Head