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Thanh Thao’s ‘Ừ Thì … Thủy Tinh Và Cát’ paired up with Viet Kieu boyfriend in her new MV


Thanh Thao released her new Music Video “Ừ Thì … Thủy Tinh Và Cát” on April 14th, the combination of two ballads by Hoàng RapperỪ thì” and Nguyễn Văn Chung “Thủy tinh và cát“. The special point in this MV is the integration of two different styles of music into one love story between a man and woman to study abroad, they both broke up because of the way time consent. The content of this MV is also true love story of Thanh Thao, this is also the source of her inspiration to release her first new single in six years along with her new boyfriend to take part in capture on video of her recorded new songs.

Thanh Thao’s new MV was filmed in Danang for 3 days. Da Nang’s poetic, romantic charm is cleverly integrated by Thanh Thao into romantic moments with her boyfriend on the beach with sand, sun, waves, and wind.

Although the emotional scenes of Thanh Thao and new boyfriend on the beach enough to make fans admire this beautiful love. It is known that the singer boyfriend is not active in the entertainment field so Thanh Thao has to take the time to persuade him to join with her.

The amazing scenery and boldness of the romantic scene not sure both “acting as if not acting”, hugging and kissing each other very salty and sweet in this scene.

Enough with the storyteller just watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

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