Thanh Ha and her boyfriend celebrate her daughter approaching to college


Overseas singer attends high school graduation ceremony of 18-year-old daughter Isabella Quỳnh Tiên Hồ in America.

Thanh Ha’s daughter’s graduation ceremony takes place on June 20 (local time). “My child is now self-reliant and caring for me,” the singer said.

Thanh Ha and her daughter in graduation ceremony.
Thanh Ha and her daughter in graduation ceremony.

Isabella Quỳnh Tiên Hồ is much like her mother. As a child, she had to learn how to do it herself because her mother was busy with her busy schedule.

After divorce, Thanh Ha alone raised her daughter. Around 2008, Thanh Ha got a new boyfriend – Roland. Thanh Ha once shared, her daughter loved and close to Roland.

Thanh Ha was born in 1969, mother is Vietnamese, and father is American. She lived and studied in Da Nang and sang on the Han River City radio. After finishing grade 12, she moved to Saigon to live. Currently Thanh Ha settled in the United States. She underwent two failed marriages and lives with her daughter in California. In recent years, Thanh Ha regularly participates in shows in Vietnam as well as judges of television programs.