Singer Hong Ngoc’s talkative and outgoing personality captivating her new song in Seattle

On the evening of Dec 10, Hong Ngoc delivered her latest new song “Cô đơn trong em” at Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom. While the chatter in between songs was limited, the singer seemed a bit more talkative during the set. There was a lot of joking around before each songs. She mention on stage that she invited to do comedy skit in Vietnam with Dam Vinh Hung, Hoai Linh, Viet Huong, and Trấn Thành.

Watch Hong Ngoc “Cô đơn trong em” below.

On this show, Hong Ngoc managed to churn out more hits by covering several older songs, such as Chuyện thường tình thế thôi, Biển cạn, Dấu chân địa đàng, Một lần lầm lỡ, Giấc mơ mùa đông, Vết thương cuối cùng, Mắt nai cha cha cha, Tất cả được phối lại mới mẻ, hiện đại hơn, as well as performing her own original song, the singer for the first time introduced a new song composed by herself “Cô đơn trong em”.

Ca si Hong Ngoc performed at Snoqualmie Casino on Dec 10

Ca si Thien Kim

Ca si Mai Thanh Son

Watch Mai Thanh Son “Hero” below.

Tri Quang and Kha Tu

Thien Kim and Mai Thanh Son sing on stage for the first time.

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Photos: Dec 10, 2017 – Live Show At Snoqualmie

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