Singer Duy Truong returns home


The wedding ceremony of the overseas singer is attended by singer Thai Chau, Quang Le on June 3, 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Wedding singer Duy Truong was held at a convention center in District 7. The bride Mai Hoang Trang born in 1985, works as a restaurant manager in HCMC. Both know each other for a year through the introduction of Duy Hân (boyfriend of MC Ky Duyen).

Duy Trường nắm tay cô dâu vào làm lễ

Before the ceremony, Bolero’s voice was thrilled because Saigon poured heavy rain. However, many seniors, colleagues such as singer Thai Chau, Quang Le, Anh Linh, businessman Duy Han … has contributed to bless Duy Truong. Quang Le said that he knew Duy Truong from the early days of singing overseas and still watched the singer’s singing.

Ca sĩ Quang Lê, Ánh Linh (phải) mừng ngày vui của Duy Trường.
Ca sĩ Quang Lê, Ánh Linh (phải) mừng ngày vui của Duy Trường.

Duy Truong’s mother and sister from the US come back to Vietnam to celebrate his happy day. The party had many close friends of Duy Truong since settling in Oklahoma, USA.

Duy Truong’s real name is Tran Dung, born in 1981. Duy Truong is composed of Duy Khanh and Nhat Truong, two of whom he admired. In 2015, he returned to Vietnam to launch the album “Thất tình”, opening the way to sing in his hometown.

Photos: June 3, 2017 – Duy Truong Wedding

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