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Once again, Miss Vietnam Global 2006 Linda Vi Tram pulled into Viet tabloid war with Quang Le scandalous


We’ve all been there. You’re innocently scrolling through your Facebook news feed or surfing the internet, when you come upon an article that leaves you speechless by its sheer stupidity. Unfortunately for us, the internet is flooded with shitty articles like these.

There are handfuls of inaccuracy bogus information about Cô Linda Vi Trâm Nguyễn and singer Quang Le floating around on the Internet. No doubt you’ve seen these types of articles on the internet. They’re all over the place – The ‘Quang Le Syndrome scandalous’.

Linda Vi Tram renounced herself and speak up once & for all – enough is enough! She publicized on Facebook that she never been involved or in a relationship with Quang Le. It’s affected her reputation, family and the people she truly care about.

Tôi đã nhịn khá lâu về chuyện bịa đặt này vì không muốn tham gia chiêu trò PR của anh ta nhưng tôi nghỉ đến lúc tôi phải lên tiếng thôi. Tôi chưa từng bao giờ là bạn gái của Quang Lê. Tôi đã từng xem anh ta là bạn tương tự như một bạn gái hay người chị – nếu bạn hiểu tôi nói gì. Tôi đã làm người mẫu chụp lịch và bìa album cho anh ta, tham gia quay MV, và có book anh ta cho vài show ca nhạc mà tôi tổ chức. Nhưng đó chỉ là thế thôi. Những câu chuyện trên báo mạng này là bịa đặt 100%, xin các bạn giúp tôi share thông tin này.

I’ve refrained from speaking up for too long not wanting to play into his desperate attempts to create scandal & PR for himself but enough is enough. I have NEVER been involved w/ Quang Le. I once considered him a friend, almost like a girlfriend/sister – if you know what I mean. I modeled for his calendars & album covers & music videos @ one point & booked him for a few concerts I promoted but that was the extent of our interaction. These tabloid articles are 100% fiction. Please help me get the word out.


Linda Vi Tram Nguyen became the first crowned Miss Vietnam Global 2006 crown. In addition to Miss Vietnam Global, Linda also won Miss Ao Dai. Prior to the Miss Vietnam Global, Linda has participated in several pageants other communities. She won the crown at the Miss Vietnam of Southern California in 2006 and Miss VN Socal 2006. In 2004, Linda won 1st runner at Miss Vietnam and Miss Vietnam USA Washington.

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