Nhat Thuy

Nhat Thuy shared love at first sight in the new song


The Vietnam Idol Champion of 2014 recalled her affair with a guy two years ago in “Mùi hương”.

The singer, born on July 16, 1991, has just released a single written by composer Thanh Binh and Hoang Ton, inspired by her love affair. Two years ago, she knew someone of her age when she was practicing music. First meeting, Nhật Thủy was captivated by the young man’s perfume.

Nghe ca khúc “Mùi hương”

The two dating many times and decided to stop even though the love is not that long. Nhat Thuy admits that she is too perfection when come to love, want everything to be romantic. Then she stop falling in love and concentrate on her career. Nhật Thủy enrolling Vietnam Idol 2014 and won the championship.

“It took me a long time to regain my emotions, and sometimes I was startled when I suddenly noticed the smell of familiar perfume somewhere in the street”, Nhat Thuy said. Currently she has a new boyfriend – an entrepreneur for over 14 years. They plan to get married later this year or early next year.

In the new song, Nhat Thuy performs R & B. The singer admits that she is not fit to pursue in dance music, EDM … However, she still wants to make the products of young music, consistent with the large number of tastes.