Miss International 2017, Thuy Dung apologize to the fans

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On November 14th, Miss International 2017 Final was officially held in Japan. This year, runner Thuy Dung is the representative of Vietnam to participate in this beauty arena.

Owing to its beautiful beauty and its linguistic advantages when spoken fluently in both English and Japanese, Thuy Dung is widely expected to be able to go further in the competition.

Miss international did not choose the top after the rounds, so more than 70 contestants have the opportunity to show national costumes, bikini and evening gown in the final round of the contest.

After three rounds, the judges selected the top 15 representatives from Curacao, Venezuela, Slovakia, Ghana, Honduras, Japan, Ecuador, Finland, Laos, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Australia and South Africa. Representative of Vietnam, Thuy Dung unlucky in the top 15.

In addition, the judges also presented the Miss Asia Regional Missions: South Korea, Miss International Europe: Britain, Miss International America: Bolivia.

Shortly after the results were announced, runner Thuy Dung posted her latest image on Instagram with apologies to the fans.

Thuy Dung also thanked the Vietnamese audience.