Korean newspapers call Chi Pu ‘the leading actress in Vietnam’


Announced “Call me actress” in 2014, by 2017, former hot girl Ha suddenly turned to singing with the statement: “From now, call me singer.

Chi Pu – Cho ta gần hơn (I’m In Love) Chi Pu tình tứ bên mỹ nam Hàn Quốc.

According to the official fan page, Chi Pu has just stepped into the Kpop market with a mini album called Love Story. The product consists of three Korean version songs, including two songs that were released by Chi Pu from Today and Give Me Closer.

The event attracted the attention of the local media and some foreign websites. Starnews snatched the title: “The top Vietnamese actress Chi Pu released her single in Korea”.

Bài báo giới thiệu Chi Pu là diễn viên hàng đầu của Việt Nam. Ảnh: Chụp màn hình.

The content of the article refers to the new product of former hot girl Ha in the recent launch. “The theme song is about a girl who knows her boyfriend has changed her heart but still hopes to be happy”, Starnews wrote.

However, it is worth mentioning that the article referred to Chi Pu as “top actress” rather than hot girl or singer. Because the projects such as Quartet 10a8, 5S Online, Idol, Huong Ga and Love only help Chi Pu escape the title of hot girl can not touch the top actress.

Filming both movies and television, Chi Pu’s films have not yet generated much publicity with the audience. Beautiful Ha has made its first breakthrough in 2013 with the movie Idol.

By 2014, she quickly put herself on the list of promising Vietnamese screenwriters for her portrayal of Dieu at a young age in Huong Ga. It can be said, film was the area that Chi Pu attached to the longest with 14 talents.

Chi Pu in the movie Huong Ga.

Besides her acting, she also produced, investors and web series Woke up I found myself in one. Announced “Call me actress” in 2014, by 2017, former hot girl Ha suddenly turned to singing with the statement: From now, call me singer.

The inconsistency and limited ability that Chi Pu received no less criticism. Explaining this, the beauty said she wanted to turn to the artist and versatile singing is the direction of her serious.

On the day of the showcase, many commented that saying “From today call me singer” of Chi Pu is declaring too early, causing touches, female singer said this is an offer, but not force anyone.

“People call me a singer or not a personal right. If in Korea, the artists are divided into singers, idols … in Vietnam, when the mic is up to the singer, “Chi Pu confident.

Báo Hàn gọi Chi Pu là ‘nữ diễn viên hàng đầu Việt Nam’
16:56 30/10/2017