Huong Tram launched MV ‘minh oan’ for Thanh Hang


According to Huong Tram, “Cánh hoa tàn” is one of the songs most time consuming ever with more than a month in making, from understanding the character, and try to sing the song to official version.

Hương Tràm hoá thân thành Thanh Hằng “Cánh hoa tàn” nói lên tiếng lòng của những người phụ nữ buộc phải trở nên mạnh mẽ, độc ác để bảo vệ chính mình.

In order to take on both acting and singing roles in the music video, the Vietnamese singer of the 1st season of the voice said that she must feel she is 10 years older to have a similarity with Ba Tran and Thanh Hang.

Cánh hoa tàn seems to be made only for the purpose of honoring the voice of the champion when it comes to slow rhythms, which require the ability to hold a good bit of breath and roar on highs in the chest.

“It was a very, very scary feeling,” Huong Tram said. She wanted to be born for the challenge, and her voice would be a surprise to the audience.

“I had to transform into a character more than my age to feel loved and hated with them”, the singer recalls.