Huong Tram abandoned the “ballad princess” to pursue dance music with “I want you now”


Since the official step foot in the music, Hương Tràm has left a mark in the audience with ballad music. Most of her hits are in this genre. There are songs like “Ngốc”, “Xa”, “Duyên mình lỡ” and the most popular “Em gái mưa”.

However, the Nghệ An-based singer seems to want to escape from her overly secure image by releasing a dance music product called “I want you now” in late 2017. Hương Tràm was composed by musician Nguyen Hoang Duy and the distribution by the producer SlimV. “I want you now” has a modern, vibrant music completely different from previous products of Huong Tram. Along with the innovation of music, “Em gái mưa” is not afraid to “lột xác” in terms of images.

In the video “I want you now”, Huong Tram has built a sexy image, hot, and very new. However, despite the strong investment of the singer, this song can not resonate as expected. Possessing vocal power but it seems that dance music is not a playground suitable for Huong Tram. Maybe so that she later went back to her familiar ballad.

MV “I Want You Now” – Hương Tràm