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On November 2, Hồ Ngọc Hà has just released a new song ballad “Giá như mình đã bao dung”. This is the song by composer Nguyen Hong Thuan wrote for her.

Ho Ngoc Ha performs nearly 20 famous ballad songs, which are loved by audiences such as quen thuộc, được khán giả yêu thích như Gửi người yêu cũ, Cả một trời thương nhớ, Tội lỗi, Xóa ký ức, Anh còn nợ em, Sa mạc tình yêu,…

Kim Ly was also present at the concert, attentively watching the performance of his girlfriend from afar. Last time, there were rumors of both cracks. However, the pair of stars dissolve rumors when appearing together in the event and have intimate gestures.

Hồ Ngọc Hà sing “Giá như mình đã bao dung”

She improvised cover Hong Kong 1, the song is causing fever on the social network, as requested from the audience.

Ho Ngoc Ha in the beautiful red chiffon dress style

Not only performing, Ho Ngoc Ha also led the program with humorous, witty stories that made the audience repeatedly applauded.

After the night, the singer lingered with her fans. She will be releasing new songs on November 4 in Hanoi and November 9 in Da Nang.

Ha Ho and her parents.

Kim Li (third from right) also appears with his girlfriend family.