ho ngoc ha and minh thu so

Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Minh film Music Video together in the song “Scared”


The two singers combine the song “Sợ”, a new composition by composer Chau Dang Khoa.

Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Minh
Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Minh performs Sợ for the first time in the live Phoenix Fire of Thu Minh on June 24. Performances earned positive feedback from the audience, so they filmed the music video together for the song.

Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Minh bought themselves clothes to shoot MV. They want to look at the modern, practical and intimate image.

MV was filmed in Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu and HCM City, directed by Dinh Ha Uyen Thu. “Sợ” is a song portray of lonely moments portray women as broken love. They all find ways to get rid of fear, overcome sadness, and become stronger. The song sends the message that women need to love themselves in any circumstance.

The song has quiet narrative lines, in accordance with Ho Ngoc Ha’s emotional voice. Thu Minh also sang a high and beautiful voice in the chorus.

The MV debuted July 11.