Fan suddenly blocked the road and singing Happy Birthday to Ho Ngoc Ha


Ho Ngoc Ha was secretly celebrated by fans after performing at an event in Ho Chi Minh City.

Once a year, Ho Ngoc Ha regularly celebrates her birthday with her fan club as a gathering and has moments closer to the fans. However, in the past two years, Ho Ngoc Ha has missed out on a date with the fan club when she repeatedly received the invitation to hold more Love Songs for overseas Vietnamese during Thanksgiving at the end of the year.

Ever since the effect of the first Love Songs concert in 2016, Ho Ngoc Ha has received the request to bring Love Songs to Vietnamese audiences in America, Australia, and Europe.

At the end of the year, Ho Ngoc Ha ran the show continuously from Australia tour and back to take advantage of the days in Vietnam. She came to Đà Nẵng to perform and the following morning, Ho Ngoc Ha and her mother were in Quảng Nam to help the people of Central Vietnam after the aftermath of Hurricane Damrey and back to Ho Chi Minh City right after that to perform the evening event before leaving for US touring.

Knowing the last schedule of Ho Ngoc Ha in Vietnam, fans have secretly celebrated the new birthday with Ho Ngoc Ha with ice cream cake and joyful firecrackers. Ho Ngoc Ha is very surprised and moved before the feelings of the fan club for herself.

On November 12, Ho Ngoc Ha will travel to the US to tour to serve overseas compatriots there.