Đông Nhi shines on the stage of Asia Song Festival 2017 with 2 impressive songs


On September 24th, Dong Nhi officially appeared at the Asia Song Festival 2017. The singer quickly attracted attention by her beauty and white costumes full of personality.

Not to be expected from the audience in this country, Dong Nhi has shone brightly on stage Asia Song Festival 2017 when brought two performances extremely impressive with the songs “Xin anh đừng” and “Bad boy“.

“Xin anh đừngt” is the first song of the Dong Nhi performances at the Asia Song Festival 2017.
Earlier, choreographer Lan Nhi revealed to the audience that the new dance of the hit “Bad Boy” would be addiction.

Between the two performances, Dong Nhi has a friendly conversation with the Busan (Korean) audience in English. Nhi said, “Thank you to the organizers of Asia Song Festival for bringing me to Busan. You are awesome! Thank you for coming and watching my performance. Do you like the show? I am so happy and thank you all”.

Under the stage, the audience in Busan was very excited, cheering and supporting the singer’s performance.

East Nhi performances at Asia Song Festival 2017. Beside the song “Xin anh đừng”, Dong Nhi decided to remix Do Hieu with her new hit song “Bad Boy” to introduce to international audiences.

In particular, the Korean press gave Dong Nhi many compliments such as “Splendid performances”, “Excellent performances” … In addition, there were newspapers praising beautiful shapes with curves fascinated by the representative of Vietnam on the stage.