Dan Nguyen holds Nguyen Hong Nhung’s hands and hugs while singing at iLani Casino

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The singers and the band of Thuy Nga put together a show in Ridgefield, WA at iLani Casino. On this occasion, this live show features singers Mai Thien Van, Nguyen Hong Nhung, Dan Nguyen, Minh Tuyet, Nhu Loan, Duong Trieu Vu, MC Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, Hoang Thi Thi Band and many fans came to support.

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Singer Dan Nguyen called Nguyen Hong Nhung “beautiful” several times on stage during the July 14 music night in Ridgefield, WA at iLani Casino.

When I sing with Dan Nguyen, the most annoying thing is that Dan Nguyen’s crazy fans think I love him very much – Nguyen Hong Nhung

In early 2016, Dan Nguyen started collaborating with Thuy Nga from Paris by Night 118: “50 years of Duc Huy music”.

Dan Nguyen has been known by music lovers all over the country and overseas because of his voice is very sad and appeals to young people and even older audiences who have been passionate about nhạc vàng.

With the characteristic “TR” pronunciation and eye-catching appearance, fans nicknamed Dan Nguyen “Hùng Phong Trần” or “Lãng tử Phong Trần”.

In 2017, Nguyen Hong Nhung was given the first live concert by Thuy Nga Paris by night, When The Dream Comes to impress the audience. Particularly, the song “Forever” was chosen to be turned into an independent video on Thuy Nga channel, attracting a lot of attention from both foreign and domestic audiences.

Như Loan is currently signed under the music label Thúy Nga. Having a sweet voice, however, she often maximizes the sexy and sexy advantage, each of her appearances gives the audience the impression of a charming and charming singer on stage, as well as in real life. She came to the United States in 1992 when she was 11 and a half years old. As Loan said, she is the youngest girl in the family. Besides singing, she is studying law at CAL State Fullerton School. She first appeared in a music show that was overseas and was well received by her sweet voice.

Như Loan LIVE at Ilani Casino

In 2004 Duong Trieu Vu sent a demo CD with his singing to the Thúy Nga headquarters, and one week later received a phone call from the director and an invitation to come to California for a vocal test, as they were concerned that compared to the very young appearance in the photograph, the voice was very mature. The result was the announcement that he would make his debut on the stage of Thúy Nga (Paris By Night). Only a few minutes before this, he announced that he had selected the stage name Dương Triệu Vũ. He has since become a regular cast member. Far away from the sleek images on stage, in real life, Duong Trieu Vu is simple, quiet and very sincere in private life.

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Mai Thien Van is one of the female singers of Thuy Nga. She is famous in the overseas Vietnamese community with her hometown and lyrical music. On February 26, 2017, she was organized by Thuy Nga for a Diary of her life to celebrate 10 years on Thuy Nga stage at Saigon Performing Art. It was a great success when the tickets were “sold out” in both performances. In the live show, she had a lot of valuable sharing about her 10-year journey and the memories she had spent in life.

Video: Mai Thien Van Live at iLani

Minh Tuyết is currently with Thuy Nga’s Paris by Night. Minh Tuyet started her professional career at the age of 17 when she first appeared on the music stage at Trong Dong in Saigon. With a strong passion for singing, Minh Tuyet was determined to follow her sister Cam Ly’s footsteps and pursue a career in singing. Initially, her parents had not approved her wishes fearing that she would not be able to handle a life in public eyes, but later they gave permission.

Video: Minh Tuyet live at iLani Casino

Nguyen Ngoc Ngan is known for co-hosting Thuy Nga’s Paris by Night with Vietnamese personality Kỳ Duyên. He co-authored Ballad of Mulan and The Blind Man and the Cripple – Orchard Village.

The success of the show is proof that concert-goers expect more from an artist than just a mildly entertaining gig. The event needs to tap into some kind of deeper sociological connection for the fan. Otherwise, concert-goers might just as well stay home and listen to a CD.

The organizers put the total number of attendees at closer to 3,000. The largest so far at iLani Casino. The casino opened on April 24, 2017.