» 2 hours ago

Miss Philippines Catriona Gray made history by winning Miss Universe 2018, bringing home the fourth crown for the country. She now joins Gloria Diaz (1969), Margie Moran (1973) and Pia […]

» 1 day ago

Representatives of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Canada, Vietnam, … are the names that are highly regarded, able to crown the title Miss Universe – Miss Universe 2018. 1. Philippines […]

» 3 days ago

Why am I not surprised? There seems to be controversies and scandals coming out of the MISS UNIVERSE competitions and most are RACIST in nature. This time round it sounds […]

» 2 months ago

The Gala Award International Night 2018 is a grand event held on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at Snoqualmie Casino (37500 SE North Bend Way, Snoqualmie, WA 98065) – one of […]

» 3 months ago

Passed 42 other candidates, Tran Tieu Vy was crowned the highest title of Miss Vietnam 2018. The final of the Miss Vietnam 2018 contest consists of the ao dai, swimsuit, […]

» 3 months ago

Vượt qua rất nhiều người đẹp khác, Dy Khả Ngân đã đăng quang ngôi vị cao nhất trong cuộc thi Hoa hậu Việt Nam Thế giới 2018 – Ms Vietnam […]

» 6 months ago

Beautiful girls are preparing for the final night to be held on June 23. This morning, the organizers of Miss Vietnam 2018 has launched the image of the top 30 […]

» 6 months ago

This is the second time ‘mother of three children’ sitting in the seat of the beauty contest national stature. Ảnh: Hải Hà Nội Quỳnh Như

» 7 months ago

Nếu điều đó là sự thật, The Face 2018 chắc chắn sẽ phá kỷ lục các show thực tế ở Việt Nam về rating bởi 3 chân dài này đang […]

» 1 year ago

On November 14th, Miss International 2017 Final was officially held in Japan. This year, runner Thuy Dung is the representative of Vietnam to participate in this beauty arena. Owing to […]