Bao Anh removes the ballad “buồn sầu” with the Latin melody in “Như lời đồn”


Bao Anh was noticed by the public at the moment of entering the playground of The Voice in 2012. Appearance of the stage, sweet voice suitable for the ballad has helped her take a favorable step on the road of music… Her ballad hits always show the painful skin of a girl in love like “Anh muốn em phải sống sao”, “Yêu một người vô tâm”, “Trái tim em cũng biết đau”…

Tempting the sweet ballads, Bao Anh was quite bold when trying new music with a song called “Như Lời Đồn”. The new song of the singer “Ai khóc nỗi đau này” has a vibrant melody, characteristic of Latin music with wild rhythms and strong in the public eyes. Shortly after its launch, the MV quickly gained a significant track record of 1 million views after 24 hours of release, 6.6 million in a week and 11 million views in 2 weeks. If this is not a problem, then this is a good move for Bao Anh at this time.

Video: Bảo Anh – Như Lời Đồn