As predicted, the fans ‘fanaticism’ with the new ballad song of Đông Nhi


The title track of the short film “Còn nơi đó chờ em” written by Tien Cookie and Đông Nhi expressed the strong feelings from the audience.

Recently, the short film “Còn nơi đó chờ em” directed by Ham Tran – product marks the return of Đông Nhi in cinema after 8 years was officially aired youtube.

Due to her busy with music, Đông Nhi has refused many invitation in the making of this short film. However, most likely with the support of the audience for this short film, the voice coach of Vietnamese Voice 2017 will consider choosing a suitable movie script to participate in the next time.

The MV for the new song of Dong Nhi has also been arranged and will be released in the near future.

Video: Short film “Còn nơi đó chờ em” – Dong Nhi