After half a year, Chi Pu back with two versions of MV Đóa hoa hồng


Chi Pu’s new music has led many to associate with the commercials on social networks.

On May 15th, actress and singer Chi Pu officially returned to the Vpop race with MV “Đóa hoa hồng” is meticulously invested in image and dance. This is also the first time, the voice of “Có nên dừng lại” collaboration with musician Andiez and “phù thủy tạo hit” Masew to create this new music video.

MV “Đóa hoa hồng” – Chi Pu

“Đóa hoa hồng” is a song with the material of modern EDM music and vibrant music is also the most powerful singer ever. With the red – black mainstream, unique dance with the number of dancers, “MV” has created a unique audio-visual effect.

After a day’s release, the song was immediately available at #6 on Youtube chart with over 1.8 million views. This is a good performance with Chi Pu by the appearance of “Chạy ngay đi” – Son Tung M-TP and “Bùa yêu” – Bich Phuong was still leading the charts in Vietnam.

However, not long after, the online community immediately so-called Chi Pu’s choreography was somewhat confusing in this version. Even more, many viewers mistakenly think that the singer was born in 1993 advertising an electronics company on television. From hairstyles, costumes to dance rhythms, viewers are more “imaginative”.

Despite this, the comeback of Chi Pu is still rated as no less than any singer, because of serious investment and the target readers, the song promises to “storm”.

Reportedly, MV “Đóa hoa hồng” will have two versions of the music video.

The first version is full of dance moves with the “strange” shape. Then, the official MV will be released on May 21st.