Actor Truong Minh Cuong plays Nguyen Hong Nhung’s husband in the MV ‘Mãi một hình dung’

Singer Nguyen Hong Nhung said that her husband and ex-husband keep close relationships, often going out for the weekend.

Singer Nguyen Hong Nhung has just released a song “Mãi một hình dung” (Mạnh Quân sáng tác). Music is the heart of the woman that loves remember many happy and sad from the past. Hong Nhung shared her recording new song as a way to close the wounds of the past, including a broken marriage to first husband.

Hong Nhung in event debut her new song in America.

In 2010, Nguyen Hong Nhung married Quý Nguyễn. A few years later, they broke up with their son Skyler. The singer, although very sad to break up, she realized it was the only way to free both.

Now, Hong Nhung married to businessman Minh Quan. The singer said that he loves children, selfless and kind, always caring and put others first. I am lucky to meet my husband, she said. After a period of cohabitation, both have a daughter named Kim An.

Nugyen Hong Nhung husband(right) and ex-husband’s family (left) with his two children.

On normal days, if not singing, Hong Nhung and her husband will prepare the baby to kindergarten school. After that, she took care of the baby. At noon, the couple gave their children to eat, play, and go shopping. In the evening, they bring the baby to bed early to ensure health.

After more than 10 years in the United States, Hong Nhung is still singing regularly.

Nguyen Hong Nhung singing in teaser MV ‘Mãi một hình dung’

Actor Truong Minh Cuong plays Nguyen Hong Nhung’s husband in the MV ‘Mãi một hình dung’. At the beginning of the script, there was a scene where Hong Nhung and Minh Cuong would kiss each other, but in reality they were so close when the director shouted ‘kiss’, they laughed and did not act out. Finally, they decided to give up kissing scenes with a light heart.